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The Book Of Vanities


The Dauphin of Mississippi

“Dauphin, Jason Burge. Great, Great songwriter. Quite an ability to draw listeners in with narratives in the songwriting. Beautiful, absolutely Gorgeous.”

Grady Kirkpatrick, Wyoming Public Radio

“Jason Burge’s voice in a small space astounded me. His being is an Instrument.”

Cindy Bloomquist -The Yard, Saratoga

“Powered with a booming voice and an unmistakable authenticity in his musical aim, Burge almost effortlessly marries the sound of Mississippi with the expansive West in his songwriting. The final result is enough to get you to lower your beer to the table and take in the moment.”

Mike Morris—Fridays in the Asher


Others have called or described him thusly: Sings and writes like a Heartbroken Werewolf; a young Gordon Lightfoot; Trailer Springsteen; Poet; Storyteller.

More than once he has heard, "I didn't excpect that to come out of you."

More than once he has replied, "Me Niether."





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The Dauphin of Mississippi

Made out of Mississippi mud, shaped a long while by that Wyoming wind, and currently hiding out in the maritime clime of Wellington, N.Z., the D.o.M’s first album, 2017’s Prodigal Songs for the End of Days (with guitar gunslinger R.M. Mitchell IV), landed at #6 on the Wyoming Public Radio end of year listeners list, and earned Wyoming CMA finalist nods for Album, Songwriter, and Americana group of the year. In 2019 he returns with The Book of Vanities on the Ivy Hall Studio label out of Nashville, TN. Produced by Josh Gray (The Graysmiths) and engineered and mixed by Eric Loomis (Tyminski).

Book of Vanities personnel:

Jason Burge - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jordan Perlson - Drums / Percussion
Josh Gray - Bass / Electric Guitar
Tony Wray - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Seth Taylor - Mandolin
Eric Loomis - Keys / Electric Guitar
Smith Curry - Pedal Steel / Lap Steel
Ray Mitchell - BGV / Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar
Reed Hess - Piano
Dan Tyminski - Fiddle

Recorded and Mixed by Eric Loomis
Produced by Josh Gray
Ivy Hall Studio

Mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master Studios.

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